S. Hjörtur Guðjónsson

S. Hjörtur Guðjónsson

Work areas:
Mechanical Eng. & Business Admin. (BSc in ME/MBA)

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Phone: +354 8638372

Journeyman's certificate as mechanical engineering from FB College in 1991
Machine Master (upper level) from Iceland Marine Machine Masters School in 1989
Mechanical Engineer from Sønderborg Tec. College 1995
MBA from Edinburgh University, 2000

Work experience:
Project Management: Many different; in the construction industry, investments projects and in other sectors.
Buildings Design: Coordination and management of the design process.
Buildings Design: HVAC and Sanitary systems.
Construction Manager.
Mechanical design: New design of equipment, design changes, thermal systems, and designs.

Legal validation (Iceland):
Validated as: engineer in 1996.
Validated as: the designer of HVAC and sanitary systems and structural designer in 2005.
Validated as: building manager in 2002.

Employment history:
2006 - : Mechanical engineer and business administration at Strendingur ehf.
2005-06 : Design Manager and quality manager at Atafl hf. (contractor)
2000-05 : Product Manager at Iceland Telecom hf.
1996-99 : Engineer at VGK hf engineering. (consultant engineers)
1995-96 : Project manager (investment) at Danfoss a/s Denmark.